01 Magnum X Dante Purgatorio
02 “I Wanna Be Your Slave”
03 Kamiq
04 SKY Cinema
05 “Musica ovunque” (Prod. by 3D)
06 Entering Red
07 The legend of Red Hand

Think|Cattleya is the advertising production house of the Cattleya group able to offer a competitive quality service thanks to an in-depth knowledge of domestic and international markets combined with a solid negotiating capacity in the sector.

Think|More offers a light production model with innovative solutions characterized by great flexibility, designed and built according to the needs of individual projects. Projected towards the reading of new languages and attentive to new areas of exploration, part of the evolution process of this sector, Think|More deepens the search for new talent and content.

Think Digital is the multidisciplinary unit that handles all different kind of interactive projects: films and web series, advertising campaigns, development of digital technology. A digital production department that collaborates with the other Think Cattleya’s Units in a synergic way, who’s able to read and create a new kind of communication.

Our photography department is followed by Nobile Agency. Nobile Agency is able to offer a 360° range of services. The Agency supports clients throughout the whole process in order to gain the best and most satisfying solution and create campaigns that are captivating and surprising every single time. Follow the link to find out more.
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Monica Riccioni
Ceo Think Cattleya
Martino Benvenuti
General Manager & Executive Producer
Neonila Kachur
Giulia Soleri
Carola Magnasco


Piazzale Valerio Massimo, 7/8
00162 - Rome
T +39 06 367201
F +39 06 3672050


Via Giordano Bruno, 7
20154 - Milan
T +39 02 89457999
F +39 02 36505791

Read Think Cattleya's ethics code
Model 231 - 29th March 2019
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