• ITA AirwaysAirbus A321neo
    Riccardo Digiacomo
  • LamborghiniUrus SE “Dare to live more”
    Iñigo Jiménez
  • Pietro BerettaChapter I Genesis
  • ITA AirwaysA Sky Full of Italy
    Francesco Calabrese
  • SkySKY Cinema
  • Måneskin“I Wanna Be Your Slave”
    Simone Bozzelli
  • StellantisALFA ROMEO Global Campaign “Near Life Experience” DC
    Salomon Ligthelm
  • MAGNUMMagnum X Dante Purgatorio
    Enea Colombi
  • NAYT“Musica ovunque” (Prod. by 3D)
    Francesco Calabrese
  • CampariEntering Red
    Matteo Garrone
01 Airbus A321neo
02 Urus SE “Dare to live more”
03 Chapter I Genesis
04 A Sky Full of Italy
05 SKY Cinema
06 “I Wanna Be Your Slave”
07 ALFA ROMEO Global Campaign “Near Life Experience” DC
08 Magnum X Dante Purgatorio
09 “Musica ovunque” (Prod. by 3D)
10 Entering Red

Think|Cattleya – integral part of the Cattleya group, is the multifaceted advertising production company equipped to deliver high-standard competitive service thanks to a combination of in-depth knowledge of local and global markets with long established sector-specific negotiating skills. Think|Cattleya is a leader in content production of classic ADV, documentaries, series, music videos, international production service, photo production, digital projects and events.

KickOut is the internal Digital division dedicated to the production of content for digital platforms - web, tablets, and smartphones. The production Unit, helmed by seasoned industry professionals, offers a light and versatile production model. With its ability to offer a strategic optimisation of costs, time and resources, it delivers high-quality content with a high production value. KickOut works closely with the other Units continuing Think | Cattleya’s belief in a synergistic approach and following all the steps of the production processes: from creative concepting to execution. The Digital unit also covers the entire production market of interactive content: film and web series, advertising campaigns, website development, and interactive digital technologies.

Our photography department is followed by Nobile Agency. Nobile Agency is able to offer a 360° range of services. The Agency supports clients throughout the whole process in order to gain the best and most satisfying solution and create campaigns that are captivating and surprising every single time. Follow the link to find out more.
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Monica Riccioni
Ceo Think Cattleya
Martino Benvenuti
General Manager & Executive Producer
Giulia Soleri
Head of R&D
Carola Magnasco


Piazzale Valerio Massimo, 7/8
00162 - Rome
T +39 06 367201
F +39 06 3672050


Via Giordano Bruno, 7
20154 - Milan
T +39 02 89457999
F +39 02 36505791

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Model 231 - 29th March 2019
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