Dolce & Kowski embrace todays demand of hybrid production. As a film directing and still photography duo, they operate in the borderland of shooting film and stills simultaneously. Their individual backgrounds in filmmaking and photography bring the best of the two worlds to the screen.
The duo consists of Christophe Dolcerocca and Sune Czajkowski.
Christophe’s background lies in classical cinema and storytelling, though his sense of beauty and elegance has led him to direct commercial work in the genres of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and emotional storytelling. Additionally Christophe is a unique strong film editor, which is a force adding to the duo.
Sune grew up between Denmark and West-Africa, before installing himself as a fashion photographer in Paris, since Copenhagen. His multi-cultural background serves as the foundation for his visual style, combining his Scandinavian outlook with the Parisian elegance, embodying his timeless and worldly sense of beauty.


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