Leone Balduzzi

Leone Balduzzi is an all around creative talent. Born in the year when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer, he moved to Milan to complete his studies, majoring in Communication Sciences. While finishing university, he began working as an editor and photographer with major music magazines. Music allowed him to approach the world of videoclips and to attain his dream of becoming a director. At age 22 he directed his first videoclips and soon established himself as an emerging talent, winning several awards and recognitions. From videoclips his interest shifted to advertising, and he began directing commercials for the Italian, French, German and Portuguese market. Over the years he never abandoned his hobby of photography, and later began shooting for fashion campaigns, publishing his first illustrated book, Friendly. His style is elegant but at the same time avant-garde; he loves to research and experiment with new communication languages. With Think | Cattleya Leone directed a Christmas campaign for Ogilvy Calvé Roma.

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