Johan Tappert

He began his directing career at Mod Films as an assistant of Fredrik Bond, then moved behind the camera in first person, directing for Atmosfar Stockholm. In his work he manages to blend cinematic moods with remarkably accurate casting, leaving the overly professed comedy behind in search of a more subtle vein of the absurd, while always maintaining a perfectly authentic look. He accumulated various awards at Cannes and in the USA for his Lotto, A & E, and Holiday Inn campaigns. Between 2006 and 2007 he devoted himself to directing two highly successful Swedish TV series, “Poliser” and “Labyrint.” He explains his approach to directing as follows: “I love to create suspense, to pull in the audience from the very first shots, igniting their curiosity, and then finish off with a twist. Each time I try to tell credible, authentic stories using strong, well-defined characters and well-reasoned scripts in order not to lose the public’s attention for even a second. I’m always looking for a convincing idea, and I try to make it credible, with the eye of an observer, understated. The most interesting stories are those on the edge of the absurd, because combined with a way of filming that maintains the authentic, a very communicative contrast is created.”Johan has directed two commercials for a Y&R Roma campaign, produced by Think | Cattleya for Lottomatica.

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