Yvonne Sciò

Yvonne Sciò’s development is rich and diversified; she lived for many years in the United States and then Italy, France and Spain. The Premium Italian Theatre scene is the foundation of her capability as a dramatic actor as much as comedian. The workshops in LA, at the Strasberg Institute and with Michele Danner, and the stages all around Italy under Mario Monicelli ‘s direction (in “Le Relazioni Pericolose” with Laura Morante and Dominique Sanda) have been essential. She came back for a short period on the American stage and then she moved to Italy where she is working in Independent productions. Yvonne is also producing for Web and Television, notably a beautiful interactive fairy tale “The Velveteen Rabbit” , which can be downloaded for free for IPad on ITunes platform and the documentary “ Roxanne Lowit magic Moments” about successful career of Roxanne Lowit, fashion and celebrities photographer.

More works by Yvonne Sciò: