Sam Mendes

Prodigy of British theatre—at only 24 he directed Judi Dench in “Cherry Orchard”—Sam Mendes won five Oscars with his first film “American Beauty.” By eclectic vocation, he simultaneously won a Golden Globe for the intimate virtuosity of “Revolutionary Road,” finished filming for “Away We Go” (American Life), produced the musical version of “Shrek” on Broadway and bought the rights to the novel “Netherland” by Joseph O ‘Neill. Acclaimed for the visual grace of his films, he manages to combine the elegance of the figure of the gangster Paul Newman in “Road to Perdition” with the sharp look on the troops in war for “Jarhead.” The last film he directed was the 23rd James Bond “Skyfall.” He says of himself, “I do not want to be known for one thing” – and so from the hat of this charismatic magician appeared, with the production of Think | Cattleya, the institutional video clip Telecom Italy “A beautiful story.”

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