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John O’Hagan

Just after finishing studying Film Studies at New York University, with a single (though winning) documentary, John O’Hagan had the opportunity to lead a campaign of three commercials for Dial-a-Mattress, which gave a surge to his career, receiving awards in all major advertising occasions. Signing with Hungry Man, he soon became a specialist in writing the most epically idiotic scripts for clients like (in which a pack of wolves attacked fans at the stadium) and EDS, for the now classic commercial, nominated at the Emmys, about Cat Herders; people devoted to bringing back thousands of wild cats of the West to the corral. His sharp and highly visual humour, enhanced by his ability to obtain performances from particularly hilarious actors, has merited him numerous Lions at Cannes over the years. With Think | Cattleya John has directed three commercials for Lottomatica.

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