Think I Art
Caju Exhibition

Think|Cattleya, in collaboration with Caju, presented on 14 March 2013 at its headquarters in Milan the photo exhibition Beyond the colors of Samba, reflections of contemporary Brazil, exhibiting the work of three Brazilian photographers: Julio Bittencourt, Daniel Kfouri and Gustavo Pellizzon.

With this initiative, Think | Cattleya opens up the road for the promotion of artists through advertising campaigns. Mapping out the creative and cultural nodes that may emerge, Cattleya highlights an increasing need in the market to integrate artistic resources into the ‘advertising’ scene. Specifically, with this exhibition, Cattleya confirms its interest in serving as a research instrument, making it the ideal network for the world of Brazilian photography, a prestigious niche including big shots such as Daniel Kfouri and Julio Bittencourt who have produced campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Bob Wolfenson (Volkswagen, L’Oreal and H Stern) and the well-known collective Cia de Photos (TAM, Nespresso and Nikon).