Think I Art
The Show MAS go on

Documentary co-produced by Think Cattleya and premiered at the Venice Film Festival with the SIAE Award for Innovation.

MAS (Magazzini allo Statuto) opened in Rome at the beginning of the last century as luxury department stores.

Of that grandeur, perhaps only the chandeliers in mid-air remain, some almost touching the ground now covered with torn carpet. MAS has now become the department store of the people, with thousands of square meters, unimaginable quantities of dust, and above all, a vast and colorful diversity: from drag-queens, to Romanian caregivers, young Moldovan newlyweds, to nuns picking out underwear from large cluttered bins.

The humanity that normally frequents MAS—sale assistants, clients, owners—is observed and intertwined into performances and re-enactments in order to create a sort of mirror play that tries to reflect and describe this cult place.