Julian Pugsley

When Julian was a young boy, he went on a family holiday to Paris. On top of the Eiffel Tower, his hand slipped from the grip of his mother and he found himself alone, seemingly abandoned. He tried to explain his predicament to the other tourists, but they assumed he was a street urchin begging for money.
They duly chucked him a few coins. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the authorities to reunite him with his parents. But the experience had a profound effect on him.
Julian discovered that the most important thing a director can have is empathy for the human condition. He began directing after a successful career as an agency creative, and his attention to detail and pursuit of life’s wonderful idiosyncrasies make him a real actors’ director. He consistently captures the nuances of his characters, whether it’s subtly observed irreverence or giant-sized lunacy.

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