João Nuno Pinto

João Nuno Pinto is a Portuguese director. Born in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, he then moved to Lisbon at the age of five years old. In 2012 he moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he currently lives. Having started his career in advertising as an Art Director, at age 28 he moved to New York where he graduated as a director at the New York Film Academy. Between 2002 and 2007 he participated in numerous seminars and workshops in the field and has since directed several television commercials, music videos and wrote and directed the short film “Skype Me.” In 2010 he debuted his first feature-length film, “America,” an ironic reflection on contemporary Portugal through the eyes of illegal immigration. Manufactured by Ukbar Films, “America” is an international co-production between Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Russia and made its first appearance on the screens of the International Festival of Rio de Janeiro. In 2014 he will be shooting his second film, “Mozungo,” the gripping story of the lonely journey of a young soldier through mystical Africa during the First World War.

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